Not your average information literacy rabbit hole; this resource is for digging into and learning more. Though you might end up sharing what you learn here with the Digital Detectives in your life, we’ve curated these items to support YOUR learning.

This month we’re focusing on Choice Boards! Choice Boards are a fun way to provide learners with options and self-efficacy throughout the learning…
A potential vaccine against mis-, dis-, and mal-information!
A delicious recipe for viral every time.
Why some people are opting out of the news
A new study finds Twitter incivility up among members of Congress.
This month we want to use a thought experiment offered by the folks at Thinking is Power to help you and your students explore something you/they…
Alert readers will undoubtedly recognize “sock puppets” as a suspect from Chapter 4 of Developing Digital Detectives! This article unpacks how sock…
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