Published monthly, think of From The Mixed-Up Files of Dr. Ken Bort PhD as side door access to even more Digital Detective Squad content. Together, we’re changing how information literacy is taught.

Who Is Dr. Ken Bort PhD?

Readers of Developing Digital Detectives (ISTE 2021) will surely recognize Dr. Ken Bort Phd as both the wind beneath our information literacy wings AND the prolific spreader of some of the truthiest truths found in our book’s many Case Files and mini-lessons.

Some alert readers have even gone full-on digital detective and think they’ve figured out what very real person inspired the fictional Dr. Ken! Are they right? We’ll never tell!

Your Lead Detectives

Jennifer LaGarde has spent her entire adult life working in public education. She has served as a classroom teacher, a teacher-librarian, a digital teaching and learning specialist, a district-level support staff member, and a statewide leader as a consultant for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. A passionate advocate for readers and libraries, Jennifer currently teaches courses focused on emerging literacies and young adult literature at Rutgers University. Library Journal, The American Association of School Librarians, The New York Times, and the Carnegie Corporation have all recognized Jennifer’s work. When she’s not busy working, Jennifer spends time reading, hiking, chasing her two dogs, and drinking too much coffee with her husband, David, in Olympia, Washington. Follow Jennifer’s adventures at

Darren Hudgins is a passionate advocate for creating learning experiences that drive educators of all kinds and their students to think, do, and thrive. He believes in this mission so much that he conceptualized and currently directs Think | Do | Thrive, LLC. Here he uses his more than 20 years in education, edtech, and coaching to inspire critical thinking, champion active learning, and create opportunities for educational communities to improve. As he says, “Let’s untangle this world together.” Follow Darren at

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I'm totally a real PhD. Not fake news!!! I wouldn't lie about that.