Sitemap - 2022 - From The Mixed-Up Files of Dr. Ken Bort PhD

Happy New Year!

πŸ” EXPLORE: "NEWSFLIX" Choice Board for Middle School Learners!

πŸ’¬ THINK: "NEWSFLIX" Choice Board for High School Learners!

✏️ TEACH: "NEWSFLIX" Choice Board for Elementary Learners!

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: Evidence Locker Choice Board for Adult Learners

πŸ† BORT'S BONUS: The "Fake News Self Assessment" from Fact VS Fiction gets a Four Lens Upgrade

✏️ TEACH: BreakoutEDU Joins The Digital Detective Squad!

πŸ’¬ THINK: The Sleepy Chicken Challenge

πŸ” EXPLORE: What is Prebunking?

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: New Book Alert

πŸ† BORT'S BONUS: Wordle for Digital Detectives!


πŸ” EXPLORE: Food, Science, and Legitimacy

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: When Books & History Collide

πŸ’¬ THINK: β€œI get all my news on TikTok.”

πŸ† BORT'S BONUS: One Week Left

✏️ TEACH: Engaging Our Communities AND Ourselves

πŸ’¬ THINK: Two Charts, Many Questions

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: Digital Detective Squad Shoutout!

πŸ” EXPLORE: "Headline Distress Disorder"

πŸ† BORT'S BONUS: Big News!

✏️ TEACH: What We Do Next Matters

πŸ’¬ THINK: Creating a Digital Meal Plan

πŸ” EXPLORE: Politicians Have Gotten Meaner in Recent Years

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: MediaWise

πŸ† BONUS: Join the #g2great Twitter Chat!

πŸ” EXPLORE: A Thought Experiment

πŸ’¬ THINK: TikTok created an alternate universe just for Russia

✏️ TEACH: Challenging Topics

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: Dr. Christine McWhorter

πŸ† BONUS: Work Through Emotions Before You πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ πŸ’¬ πŸ“’

πŸ” EXPLORE: DDD Book Study

πŸ’¬ THINK: Is The Internet Making Us Dumber?

✏️ TEACH: Device Hacks

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: @modonews

πŸ† BONUS: Source Checker

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: #DigitalDetectiveSquad shoutout!

πŸ’¬ THINK: Play Mini Golf To See How Politicians Tilt Elections Using Maps

πŸ” EXPLORE: Russian 'Sock Puppets' Spreading Misinformation On Social Media About Ukraine

✏️ TEACH: Word Choice + Triggers (In The News)

πŸ† BONUS: β€œsomething’s only a disaster if we notice it.”

πŸ” EXPLORE: Schoolkids Are Falling Victim to Disinformation and Conspiracy Fantasies

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: #DigitalDetectiveSquad shoutout!

πŸ’¬ THINK: #DigitalDetectiveTok?

✏️ TEACH: Facts VS Opinions VS Emotions (And Robots!)

πŸ† BONUS: Revisiting The Onion

πŸ† BONUS: How To Read This Chart

πŸ’¬ THINK: How disinformation around Jan. 6 riot has downplayed violence, divided Americans

✏️ TEACH: Help Digital Detectives Recognize Headlines

πŸ‘ FOLLOW: #DigitalDetectiveSquad shoutout!

πŸ” EXPLORE: Too much time scrolling? Instagram now urging teens to 'take a break'